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A Short Walk Inside Philippines’ Biggest Museum: Angono, Rizal


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Choose Philippines | Nov 14, 2016

Have you been to the biggest museum in the Philippines? It's the entire town of Angono, Rizal!

This town, in the bustling province of Rizal, is located east of Metro Manila. In a 2 to 3 hour worth of drive to the town of Angono, one will be able to trace where two nationally renowned brilliant talents came from. 

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In here, art and culture is a priority as the streets in Dona Aurora displays works from visual artist Carlos "Botong" Francisco and composer Lucio San Pedro. 

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Museums here are owned by clans of artists (The Mirandas and Blancos).  Art lessons offered all over the town comes as a no surprise as children here, as locals say, learn how to draw first before they are learnt to walk. 

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Let team Choose Philippines take you on a tour inside the Biggest Museum of the Philippines and let your eyes see how people in Angono use ‘art’ as a tool for historical preservation.

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