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Immerse Yourself in the Culture, Heritage, and Fun Vibe of Davao del Sur's Kiblawan!

Davao del Sur

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 20, 2016
Immerse Yourself in the Culture, Heritage, and Fun Vibe of Davao del Sur's Kiblawan!

The province of Davao del Sur is composed of the municipalities of Bansalan, Hagonoy, Magsaysay, Malalag, Padada, Sulop, Kiblawan, Matanao, Sta. Cruz, and the component city of Digos.

It encompasses 2,163.98 square kilometers of sugarcane and mango plantations, mountains and hills, and urban centers. 

The Municipality of Kiblawan recently celebrated the Pakigdait Festival that introduced to the public the municipality’s tourism potentials. This includes an immersion in its rich culture and history, its food, and of course, its beautiful destinations. Here are a few of the many things you can do in Kiblawan:

1.  Immerse in the Blaan tribe’s culture and weaving

Three generations of Blaan women chanters welcomed us into the forum to formally open the exhibit of Kiblawan’s heritage. In one corner was a Blaan woman weaving a mabel from abaca fibers.  This cloth is similar to the Tboli’s tinalak.

In the town’s weaving center were local women weaving a tabih or malong from single threads. Of course, in order to help sustain their livelihood, most of their handiwork is for sale. You can order for your size, or if you just so happen to fit in it, you can buy an authentic Blaan costume at the town center. Necklaces, bracelets and anklets of intricate beadwork by the Blaan tribe are also available, should we wish to add intricacy to your costume.

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2.  Visit the Magabilen Ancestral House

Dominador Magabilen, Sr. was the first elected municipal mayor of Kiblawan.  His house was built in 1962 and, typical of hacienda-style homes during that period, it had a secret passage and an armory.

The family has long been out of residence and only Tatay Francisco, the family’s trusted in-charge, lives in the big ancestral house

3.  Explore Cole Waterfalls

This is actually the first time that this particular waterfall was opened to the public.

The trail to and from the fall was steep and since we walked starting around 11am, the sun was blazing hot. However, as you go down, that is when the trees cover the trail serving as a breather from the scorching sun. A makeshift carved stairway serves as your passage to boulders that lead to the falls.

The Cole Falls plunges 15-20 feet to a large natural pool at the bottom.

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4.  Relax at the L.A. Resort

Numerous mango, rice, sugarcane, and coconut plantations abound in Kiblawan. However, in one particular plantation, right in the middle of it all, is a relaxing swimming pool, serving as an oasis amidst all of the agriculture. Native cottages under mango trees serve as your eating, drinking, and resting places.

After a day of immersing in the culture of the Blaan and taking a tour of the ancestral house and the falls, LA Resort would be the best place to unwind.

How to Get There:

Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Ride a bus or van to Digos City (travel time: 1 hour), then take a bus/van to Kiblawan.

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