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5 Things that Filipinos Abroad Miss About Christmas in the Philippines

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Choose Philippines | Nov 27, 2016
5 Things that Filipinos Abroad Miss About Christmas in the Philippines

Homesickness is at its best during the upcoming holiday season in the Philippines. The usual bearers of this struggle are Filipinos who are overseas and cannot simply leave work for home. In whatever part of world they find themselves in, these are just some of the things that call them home and into the arms of their loved ones.

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Christmas Songs playing Everywhere

You know what they say about Christmas in the Philippines, it begins as early as the ‘ber’ months start and that is as early as September the 1st. It’s funny how Filipinos greet one another at midnight of November 30th. Indeed, Christmas is the longest running holiday in the Philippines. 

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Establishments, malls, coffee shops have their classic Christmas songs on loop for 4 months long. We’re not sure if it’s just a marketing strategy to get us buying gifts that early, but it’s a sure way to get us popping in festive vibes

Children Singing Christmas Carols in the Streets

You’re not Filipino if you weren’t able to roam the streets at night carolling with your peers. Let’s not begin to forget the handmade musical instruments such as the tambourine made out of ‘tanzan’ (bottle tops), cans, or who knows what, only your imagination is the limitation.

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These are times when you get to rehearse the phrase “tawad po” which is an expression that politely says ‘come back next time’ if you do not a have a penny or two for them. 

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The Bright ‘Parol’

‘Parol’ is simply the Filipino’s version of a Christmas Lantern. For the past years, this Christmas decoration has taken many shapes but it has never deviated from its common shape of a five-pointed star.

Filipinos are the most extravagant when it comes to decorating for the Christmas season, we even have a whole street dedicated to it such as the Policarpio Street. 


The Grand Noche Buena

The midnight before Christmas day, Filipino people delightfully fill up their homes with a sumptuous feast that is to be shared to the whole family. And when we say the whole family, we’re talking about friends of friends, friends that are like family, and literally everyone, even a stranger, is welcomed with warmth.


Having an all-nighter of a feast with loved ones

If you’re spending Christmas in the Philippines, prepare to lose sleep as it is a custom that people are wide awake in the wee hours of the morning. Karaoke and merry-making will surely fill the silent nights with joy and love.

This is a feeble collective on the many things that makes Christmas in the Philippines one of a kind. Feel free to comment the things that you think should be in the list in the comment box below.

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