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Find Love Advice As You Walk Along Negros Occidental's Hugot Road

Negros Occidental

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | May 02, 2017
Find Love Advice As You Walk Along Negros Occidental's Hugot Road

"Hugot" is a Filipino term which literally means "to pull out" or "to draw." But, currently whenever you see the term hugot, it is considered as a slang which figuratively means "deeply emotional." It has since become popular, thanks in part to movies and social media, and even pop songs, using and overusing lines inspired by the concept of it. It's become so popular that in one of our morning runs, we found a route called the Hugot Road.

The "Hugot Road" of Brgy. Patag, Silay City, Negros Occidental.

There were several signages with "hugot lines" either from your left or right along the road.

There's something about trust...

Roughly translated to:
"Don't ever believe him/her.
He/She didn't even care where he/she left his/her garbage,
so would you still believe that he/she will not forsake you?" 

There's being bitter about love...

Roughly translated to:
A trash is like love,
there's a kind that rots, some not,
there's a toxic one, and sometimes causes pain,
but often there's forever.
-Bitter tayo bes-

There's also about scattering...

Roughly translated to:
"Gha, you can spread the news that it became you and your crush,
not just your trash."

"Gha" also spelled as "gah" is an endearment that came from the Hilgaynon word "palangga" which means "love" or "dear."

There's also a hugot inspired from a viral advertisement song referring to the status of relationship...

Roughly translated to:
"Sing: Don't be embarrased to ask, what's your status?"

There's also about death...

Roughly translated to:
"You've already passed away, but your trash is still existing."

Then there's this...

Roughly translated to:
"Bes, love your surroundings first so that they'll believe you have the ability to love a person."

"Bes" is a shortcut or a Filipino slang derived from the word "best friend."

There's a reminder about driving safely...

Roughly translated to:
"Dear, be careful. It's okay that he/she wounded [broke] your heart.
What's important that you are safe.
Drive safely."

In about the middle portion of the route, you can stop over a wide field where you can rest for a while and enjoy the view from the mountains.

But, the field will not stay for long. It is said to be developed soon into a bus terminal for an easy trip going to Patag and back to Silay City proper.

There's also a reminder about swimming safely...

Roughly translated to:
"Dear, it's okay to be drowned in love,
just not in the pool and river."

Then this...

Roughly translated to:
"The surroundings is more beautiful when there's no plastic,
than your friend that wears too much lipstick."

Reminder about worth...

Roughly translated to:
"If there is money in garbage,
do you think you have any worth for him/her?"

And then, there's a dare...

Roughly translated to:
"You can just leave your grabage anywhere as long as you also leave your partner there."

Still can't get enough? There's more "hugot" down the road.

My buddies are also busy reading the "hugot" signages along the way.

There's about coffee too...

Roughly translated to:
"A pure native coffee is like a man that is brave [strong] enough to defend you.
My friend, my responsibility."

And underneath the signage is a cozy little hut that serves native coffee and hot drinks.

Balay Kapihan at Brgy. Patag, Silay

The drinks are at an affordable price.

  • Native Coffee - Php30
  • Hot Choco - Php30
  • Hot Choco (cacao) - Php40
  • Iced Coffee - Php35
  • Iced Choco - Php40
  • Blended Coffee with Calamnsi Juice - Php35
  • Mint Tea - Php20

It is also a souvernir shop where you can buy shirts and bracelets made from indigenous materials.

The souvenir shop where you can sit and enjoy your cup of coffee.

There's another "hugot" inside...

Roughly translated to:
"If you were deceived [cheated] by your loved one,
don't avenge it on your surroundings."

 There's an area where they collect and also can leave your empty plastic bottles.

And we found the man that started it all, the author of the "hugot" quotes found in Hugot Road. He is Bonifacio Villarina.

Bonifacio "Bon-bon" Villarina, the Hugot Man!

Known to his friends as "Bon-bon," his family owns the Balay Kapihan coffee and souvenir shop at Brgy. Patag, Silay. He prints and sells the souvenir shirt, and serves the coffee.

Aside from being an aspiring poet, he is also a certified teacher. And, did you know that he is also one of the members of the group that rescued a lost hiker last April 1, 2017 that was coming from Tinagong Dagat? This man is a true inspiration to all!

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Before you leave the coffee shop, you can also contribute your very own "hugot" lines. Who knows, maybe next time you visit you'll already see it at Hugot Road.

Hugot Road is easy to find.

At the center is the Hugot Road while at the right side is going straight to the "Hospital."

The "Hospital"

Don't get confused, it's not a working hospital. It is an old building used to shelter guests and campers. There's a pool in the area that is open to the public for those who wants to go for a swim and a mini market where you can buy locally produced vegetables, fruits, water and other basic needs.

At the left is the main road.

That's the PUV that will bring you to Patag from the terminal at Silay City proper.

And of course, before leaving the coffee shop... a group photo with the man who started the Hugot Road!

It only goes to show creative and innately in touch with their emotions we Filipinos are: in fact, we take pride in being an emotional people, because this is how we remain warm and hospitable to friends and strangers alike.

photo by Dustin Mijares

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Bacolod (estimated cost of Php2500++, round trip, 45 minutes). Silay is the site of the New Bacolod-Silay airport.

From Bacolod-Silay Airport, you can take a shuttle, or a cab to take you to the Patag Terminal at Silay City, Negros Occidental. From the terminal, ride a PUV (double-tired bus) going to Patag.

Silay City is just a 15-minute drive from Bacolod City. 

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