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A Place Of Surprises: See The Best Of Laguna In Just 5 Minutes


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Choose Philippines | Aug 16, 2017

Laguna, with its proximity to Metro Manila, is a favorite among city dwellers looking to escape the stresses of the city, even for a day or two. It’s on par with other nearby Luzon destinations, such as Batangas, Tagaytay, Zambales, and Baguio. However, what makes Laguna truly unique is the numerous and picturesque lakes and waterfalls that dot the province. In fact, many of the bodies of water seen in Laguna can only be found there, and are some of the reasons why visitors from all over the Philippines often flock to it.

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Beautiful Laguna!

But apart from its beautiful bodies of water, Laguna also boasts of a rich culture, heritage, and of course, cuisine. Come see a few of San Pedro, Laguna's most iconic spots in the gallery above! And make sure to watch Lalawigan ng Laguna’s video here:

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