My Hometown: Iloilo City

For the first entry on travel, what else would be the best place to highlight but the wonderful city of Iloilo. Being my hometown and living most of my life there, I’d say it is one place that has gone along with the times yet retaining it’s old provincial feel. For a short 50 minute plane ride from Manila, you’re in for a whole new experience in the city dubbed as the “City of Love”.

Iloilo is pretty much popular for a lot of things. The Dinagyang Festival, which is celebrated every 4th week of January, is a tourist attraction which is highlighted by a competition of tribes. The participants paint themselves black, adorn themselves in lavish tribal costumes and performs synchronized choreography to the beat of drums and percussion. This is also in celebration of the feast of the Sto. Niño.

Another pride of Iloilo are the amazing churches that majestically stands in every town.

The Cathedral of the Nuestra Sra dela Candelaria (Our Lady of Candles) in Jaro is one of the most popular sites and it was where the late Pope John Paul II stopped over when he visited the city. It is also said that the statue of our Lady of Candles enshrined in front of the cathedral is said to have grown in size through the years. Stories has it that many years ago, the stone image was found washed ashore and was merely a foot tall. Now, it is approximately 5 feet.

The church of St. Anne in Molo is also one site to behold. Aside from being tagged as the “feminist” church because of the all-female saints that line the interiors, what makes this church iconic are the 2 red spires towering this Gothic masterpiece.

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