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How's the Weather PAGASA Baler?


Berniemack Arelláno
Berniemack Arelláno | Aug 25, 2013

The state weather observatory of PAGASA in Baler is perched on top of a hill south of the capital proper, overlooking the great Pacific Ocean, the lush forest of Sierra Madre Mountains, and the white beaches of Discalsarin Cove. The commanding point (and that very steep way going there) is ideal to observe weather in the east.

A lot of us Filipinos have been familiar with news announcements of "Typhoon.... is located XXX kilometers east of Baler." This weather station serves as a reference point.

Among all of the weather stations in the Philippines, PAGASA Baler is believed to be the first one to have a Doppler radar installed. (Doppler radar is a weather instrument that measures amount of rainfall and analyzing the "anatomy" of a storm).

You may read more about PAGASA Baler Weather Station, how to get there, and how a simple weatherman sacrificed his Christmas evening with his family to serve his countrymen.

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