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3 Reasons Why Tarsier Is More Than Just A Philippine Icon


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Choose Philippines | Sep 06, 2017

There a few things that we Filipinos are proud of: our beaches, our warmth and hospitality, and of course our food. However, there are also a few things that, even if we aren’t necessarily proud of them, still gives us immense pride by giving our country something to brag about. One example of this is the Philippine tarsier.

The Tarsier is a Philippine icon in itself.

The Philippine tarsier has the scientific name of Carlito syrichta, and is known to locals as mawmag or mamag, depending on where you are. In regards to that, nearly every Filipino, when shown a picture of a tarsier, can easily identify it. In fact, the tarsier was extensively included in many Filipinos’ education.


This unique animal is endemic to the southeastern part of the Philippines.

Beautiful Bohol!

The Philippine tarsier is found primarily in the southeastern part of the Philippines. It is well-known for being the animal most closely associated with Bohol and its Chocolate Hills, and has become synonymous to the region. However, this unique animal can also be found in parts of Samar, Leyte and Mindanao.


Lastly, this iconic animal is about to produce wonderful music.

New music, coming your way!

Tarsier Records is a newly-established imprint under Star Music that has the goal of rebranding and repurposing local talent to make them more appealing to a wider audience internationally. In stark comparison to the readily-available music in the Philippines, Tarsier Records will champion and make use of the standards and aesthetics embraced by the international community in order to create a brand that can be enjoyed by an international audience while simultaneously being in all ways and always Filipino.

Tarsier Records is set to release new material this coming September 8, and you can learn more about them on their Facebook page here.

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