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The Traditional Dance Of Lanao Del Sur, On The Spotlight In Teleserye Wildflower

Lanao del Sur

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Choose Philippines | Oct 10, 2017

It’s very rare to see traditional folk dances portrayed on popular media. Oftentimes, dances like the tinikling, cariñosa, and binasuan are relegated to the background of teleseryes and shows. However, in a recent episode of the popular Wildflower, a traditional folk dance was put in the spotlight and given significance, being an important element in the episode’s plot.

In the episode, Maja Salvador, in the role of Lily Cruz, dances the Singkil, a dance of the Maranao people. Garbed in the the traditional outfit of the Maranao, she dances the singkil in time with the music, complete with the accompanying headwear and fans.

The Singkil is a dance that originated from the Maranao people that inhabited Lake Lanao in Lanao del Sur. Inspired by the Darangen of pre-Islamic Mindanao, the name of the dance means “to entangle the feet with disturbing objects such as vines or anything in your path.” It is very popular during Mindanaoan festivals, as well as smaller celebrations. Reserved for royalty during pre-colonial times, the dance is now enjoyed by both natives and visitors of Lanao, regardless of gender or status.

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Beautiful Lanao del Sur

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