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Philippines’ Summer Capital Is Among UNESCO Creative Cities


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Choose Philippines | Nov 02, 2017

Very recently, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released a list of 64 cities from 44 countries all over the world. 

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These countries were to be part of the Creative Cities Network, composed of 180 countries that have fulfilled the goal of “promoting creative industries and integrating culture into sustainable urban development policies.” The 180-strong list also included the city of Baguio, citing the city’s distinguished crafts and folk art as being some of the reasons why it was chosen.

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It’s easy to see why, as Baguio has long been considered a popular tourist destination among both local and foreign tourists: its cool climate and unique atmosphere and culture has encouraged many to set their roots there, creating a city that is vibrant, diverse, and rich in creativity.

Because of its cultural diversity, blending both new and old in a way that is unique to the city, the city is home to artisanal finds, indigenous crafts, as well as delicious cuisines and even contemporary art.

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