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Because You Asked, We found the Lighthouse In 'Araw Gabi'


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Choose Philippines | May 24, 2018
Because You Asked, We found the Lighthouse In 'Araw Gabi'

By Mia Kimberly Villareal

Several years after Precious Hearts Romances sent off its last romance, it has made a comeback with Araw Gabi,  inspired by Martha Cecilia's best-selling book, El Paraiso. The new afternoon TV drama has been drawing attention from social media denizens since it first aired. It features JM de Guzman in a comeback role, and Barbie Imperial in her first lead one. The two star as troubled lovers Michelle and Adrian.

Araw Gabi is a story about love’s ultimate hugot: how can something that causes so much happiness also cause so much misery? This plotline haunts the relationship blooming between Michelle and Adrian. Under the surface, there seems to be a deep, dark secret threatening their rosy love. But enough with the spoilers, and to add to the words of Virginia Woolf, get us to the lighthouse!



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In the age of easy access to adventure, young travellers around the country are asking where the teleserye is shot—no doubt because of the beautiful, mysterious lighthouse that used to keep appearing in Michelle’s dreams, and which she gets to visit, despite her own fears and apprehensions, by the series’s Episode 6.

Well, we’ve saved you a trip to Dr. Google—the lighthouse is called the Faro de Punta de Malabrigo, but locals, and Araw Gabi’s Michelle, simply call it “parola.” Built during the Spanish era, Faro de Punta Malabrigo Lighthouse was constructed by Guillermo Brockman and Jose Garcia back in 1896 (not by the de Alegres, as the series would have you believe. Wink.). The ancient lighthouse is 56 feet tall. It’s a classic example of Victorian era architecture, what with its metal staircase and circular beacon. The most mesmerizing feature of the lighthouse, however, is the marvelous view it offers to the traveller: a sweeping vista that includes Verde Island Passage and Mindoro Island.





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While our Manila travelers go for the usual beach spots in Batangas, namely Nasugbu and Laiya,  it should be noted for the benefit of local beach bunnies that there’s a beach just a few meters away from Faro de Punta. It won’t be white and sandy, but it’s a serviceable companion to the lighthouse—which is the main attraction.



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TIPS FOR PROS: While you’re in the area, check out the untouched Mangrove Forest in Lagadlarin Lobo—the place offers alternatives to sight-seeing such as boardwalk trekking, paddleboat tours and kayaking. Active types might also want to check out Talon Falls and the Jaybanga Rice Terraces. Since these are sure to make travellers work up an appetite, we advise interested vagabonds not to leave Batangas on an empty stomach, and to try their nationally-hailed and loved Lomi.




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How to get to there:

From Manila, board the bus to Batangas City and get off at Diversion or Balagtas (around P150). Take a jeepney bound for SM Batangas or tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at the jeepney terminal bound for Lobo. Take another jeepney to Lobo (P53) and then tricycle to Malabrigo Beach.


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Lighthouse Image by: Peter ang01 from Wikimedia Commons




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