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Bedtime Stories? Consider These Igorot Supernatural Creatures

Mountain Province

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Choose Philippines | Oct 17, 2019

Story by Carla de Guzman

Creatures of the night will no longer haunt and strike fear in the hearts of children and adults alike, as a group of artists in Baguio City launched a comic book entitled Gayang (Sibat or Spear) by re-introducing Igorot myths and legends through a comic book launched in June 2019.

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Apart from the hopes of encouraging and boosting the interest of young minds to read comic books again, the main goal is to create a visual presentation of Cordilleran mythical creatures for future generation thus preserving the richness of the region’s belief, culture, and literature.

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Yung mga creatures talaga, yun ang pinaka-purpose namin  (The creatures were our main focus) to make designs for these folkloric characters: mga creatures na galing sa folklore na kwento ng mga matatanda (Creatures that were from folklore as told by the elderlies)”, said Gerald ‘Majic’ Asbucan, chairman of Gripo Comics, creator of the comic book Gayang

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The comic book depicts the graphic illustrations of the creatures as well as the “chibified”, a Japanese slang word for “small” or “short,” to appeal to younger readers. The illustrations and designs were made by the groups’ artists with the help of senior high school art students based on extensive research of Igorot myths and legends as well as the Cordilleran elders’ stories. 

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