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Riding in Tandem: Explore Intramuros on Bamboo Bikes!

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Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | Mar 25, 2020

Manila is filled with so much beauty: its places, people and culture are always a delight to discover and experience. Seeing the city's roots might be the best part of exploring it. Old Manila, home of the Spanish-era remains is what most find Intramuros to be. This walled city, preserved of its architecture, honors the history of ancestral Filipinos that lived here. Here, you’ll find historical sites that both locals and tourists love.  

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A day in Intramuros might just be one of the best experiences to have in the Metro, especially when explored on bicycles made out of bamboo! Bambike is a company with goals of sustaining the people and the planet through their bamboo-made bikes fashioned by Gawad Kalinga builders. In their advocacy of social and environmental stewardship, they offer tours for those who want to explore the Walled City. With the many sites to choose from, Bambikes brings you to the must-visit spots in Intramuros, ones that have lived through the significant events in Philippine history! Get excited for your biking day in Intramuros by checking out the video above!

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