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Haunted Tales of UP Diliman

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Choose Philippines | Oct 21, 2013

Jeepney stories

It was late at night when a man waved his hand at the driver and got on the jeep. The driver wondered why the man chose to stand on the edge and cling on to the rails, and asked him why he wouldn’t just take a seat. Just as the man was about to answer that the vehicle was full of passengers, he realized it was actually empty.

Another tale was that of a girl who got on the jeepney by herself. All of a sudden, the driver veered away from the regular route into unknown territory. Driving through dark and unpopulated areas, he kept glancing cautiously at the girl over his shoulder.

The girl started to fear for her life and womanly dignity (what if he planned to rape her?) and requested that she be dropped off at her dorm. In time the jeepney resumed its regular route and she was dropped off in front of her building.

But before taking off, the driver said, “Miss, as soon as you get inside, take off your clothes and burn them. Because when I saw your reflection in the rear view mirror, you were headless.” He also said that was the reason he took several unusual turns—because he feared the girl’s untimely demise lay in the jeepney’s regular course.

Vinzons Hall

At Vinzons Hall, it was the end of the semester, and a guy was waiting for his friend to meet him. Since the first floor was quite busy and crowded with students celebrating sem-break, he went up to the second floor, which was empty of people and quite peaceful, and started to read a book—a pleasure he had been deprived of during finals week.

All of a sudden, he heard a woman eerily gasp for breath from the men’s comfort room. A few minutes later, his friend walked out, and he asked him if he had heard anything. His friend said no, and laughed at him because he seemed to be imagining things.

Before they left, the guy decided to relieve himself in one of the cubicles. After some time he felt someone patting and smoothing his head. He looked up and saw a girl hanging from her neck, her complexion gray from the lack of oxygen, and her eyes almost bulging out of their sockets. And grazing his head were the soles of her feet! He hurriedly ran out with his zipper still undone, and he never used that comfort room again.

Dorm stories

At the Sampaguita dorm, a student was brushing her teeth when a woman suddenly appeared in the mirror behind her. In fright, she started to pray the rosary, and the lady raspily prayed it along with her.

Another student was washing her face, and when she looked in the mirror with her face still covered in soap suds, she saw her reflection smiling back at her. She hurriedly ran out and rinsed her face with mineral water.

Some dormers also claimed that while taking a shower, a black presence with red eyes peeped at them.

UP Infant Center

Students taking family life and Child Development (FLCD) have a subject called Home Management. While taking it up, they are required to live in the Infant Center, which is reportedly haunted. Residents would wake up to find all the cupboards in the kitchen open. A guy also went to bed without a blanket, and when he woke up, he was snuggled up under one.

So one night, my friend her classmates, and their professor were having a quiet dinner, when all of a sudden they heard the innocent sound of a baby’s laughter.

Their eyes grew wide and they held their breath. After a moment of silence, their professor cautiously admitted, “Cellphone ko yon. Paabot nga.”

Read full story here: http://philurbanlegends.blogspot.com/2012/03/ghosts-of-university-of-philippines.html

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