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History and Origin: Basilica Minore Del Sto. Niño


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Choose Philippines | Oct 25, 2013
History and Origin: Basilica Minore Del Sto. Niño

Cebu City, Philippines --- The cradle of Christianity in the Philippines and home of various tourist attractions, many of which are the century old churches built in the 1600's.

One of which is the Basilica Minore Del Sto. Niño, according to their website http://basilicasantonino.org.ph Sto. Niño de Cebu was founded by Fr. Andres de Urdaneta on April 28, 1565 , the very day the Legazpi-Urdaneta expedition arrived in the island. On May 8 of the same year, when Legaspi and his men planned the urbanization of the city, they allotted a "place for the church and the convent of San Agustin, "where the Santo Niño image had been found."

The church has always been the Sanctuary of the Sto. Niño, under the custody of the Augustinians. The number of priests assigned to the church varied from three to five aside from one or two lay brothers.

Home of Sinulog

One of the biggest and grandest festival in the Philippines that we celebrate every 3rd week of January.


It takes place in the streets of Cebu, the Sinulog Festival. The Sinulog takes its roots from the candle vendors in front of the Augustinian Church of Cebu. It is rendition of the sinug, which is a prayer-dance offered either in supplication or in thanksgiving to the Santo Niño. It is by candle-waving women who follow a simple forward and backward routine while offering prayers for any devotee.

The dance routine of the sinug is said to be in imitation of the sulog (current) of Pahina river of Cebu City. While dancing and waving candles, the women chant: Pit Señor! Pit Señor! which is short for Sangpit sa Senyor or loosely translated as Hail the Lord! Devotees have also adopted the chant as an ejaculatory prayer and one would normally hear petitions like: Pit Senyor kang Tatay kini (Hail the Lord, this one's for my father!)

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