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Philippines is Among Top Food Destinations in the World

Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Jun 16, 2015
Philippines is Among Top Food Destinations in the World

CNN recently conducted an open Facebook survey among its readers, asking which country offered the best cuisine. Taiwan tops the list, but more importantly, Philippines placed no. 2 on the list, garnering 1,528 votes.

from www.edition.cnn.com

The Asian region, more specifically the Philippines, proves to be on nearly everyone’s mind these days. With all the amazing food the country has to offer from all of its 7,000 islands, it was only a matter of time before the Philippines was recognized as one of the world’s hottest spots to dine in.

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From adobo to kare-kare, to leche flan to ube ice cream, and from balut to camaro, which Pinoy food always makes you happy no matter what? Share with us your favorites!

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