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When in Pagsanjan: Taleng's Halo-halo


Pinoy Adventurista
Pinoy Adventurista | Feb 27, 2014
When in Pagsanjan: Taleng's Halo-halo

Contributed by: Travel Insider Pinoy Adventurista

Aling Taleng's Halo-halo has been in the business since 1933 in Pagsanjan, Laguna. This halo-halo comes with white and red beans, macapuno, ube halaya, and some preserved fruits mixed in crushed ice and evaporated milk.

Instead of using ice cream or leche flan as topping, they use candied "kundol." The combination is quite extraordinary. Each serving costs PHP 75.00.

Drop by Aling Taleng's Halo-halo when visiting Pagsanjan, Laguna!

For Aling Taleng's location and contact number, click HERE

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