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Dumaguete's Sizzling Bulalo: Sinful Yet Heavenly

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Feb 28, 2014


sizzling bulalo; photo by Dustin Mijares

Sizzling bulalo is the house specialty of the Royal Suite Inn in Dumaguete City. A must-try if you’re in town! An order costs around Php 490 (but not more than Php500, and rice and drinks aren't included). This is already good for 3-4 persons -- depending on your appetite, of course.

For half a thousand pesos, you'll be getting a very large bone (beef shank) on a large sizzling platter. The bulalo's bone marrow is already mixed with the gravy, and it tastes just like creamy butter. Yum.

As delicious as it looks, however, be reminded that this dish is not good for those with health issues, such as high cholesterol or high blood. So keep your appetite in check, or share with lotsa friends!


sizzling bulalo; photo by Dustin Mijares

Aside from its restaurant that serves great food, the Dumaguete Royal Suite Inn is a convenient place for relaxation. It also has a bar that serves your favorite drinks. Located along Rovira Road, Bantayan, Dumaguete City, you can call the place at (035) 225-2194, (035) 225-2197 or (035)422-1453.

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Dumaguete (estimated cost of Php4,000++, round trip, one hour and 15 minutes).

Royal Suite Inn is just 5 minutes away from the airport, 15 minutes from the port and commercial centers. From Dumaguete domestic airport, you can take a pedicab or arrange for a hotel transfer. From Dumaguete City proper or the port you can ride a tricycle (Php8.00 per head).

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