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No Hungry Tummy in Mati City

Davao Oriental

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Mar 03, 2014
No Hungry Tummy in Mati City

After a visit to the Subangan Museum or its beaches skimboarding dahican, it's time to satisfy your hungry tummy in Mati City.

Drop by Seaside Restaurant and get to taste what locals and tourists have been raving about—the town's empanada and lumpia.

Their empanada oozes with ground pork, eggs, cheese, and all the herbs and spices inside a rich, flaky crust. As you sit down to chow, you’ll notice a steady stream of people coming in to order the empanada.


At PhP 9 per empanada, you could eat 3 to 5 in just one seating. You can bring home a box of 15 pieces at PhP 145, or 25 pieces at PhP 235, to share this Mati delicacy as pasalubong.


Second in demand is the lumpia made from ubod (coconut heart). It's not shaped like the regular rectangular lumpia; it's quite long and round. Dipped in native vinegar made from coconut with lots of garlic, it's sure to ease your hunger pangs.


The lumpia is sold at PhP 8 each and at PhP 210 for a box of 25 and PhP 420 for a box of 50 pieces.


The empanada and the lumpia are best paired with home-made sikwate (chocolate).

What's taking you so long? Go satisfy that hungry tummy in Mati City with their delicious empanada and lumpia!

How To Get There:

Davao Oriental can be reached from Manila and Cebu by taking any of the daily scheduled airline flights to Davao City. From Davao City, Mati City in Davao Oriental is accessible via a 3-hour private car ride, or a 3-31/2 hour public utility bus or van ride on a fully concreted highway.

Bus rate is from Php 200-220, Van rate is Php 230-250.

Seaside Restaurant is located along Quezon St. Contact them at (087)3883-544.

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