Two Thumbs Up: Tanjay’s Sweet Budbud

Tanjay City in Negros Oriental is known for its delicious budbud (or bodbod).


Budbud is a Visayan term for suman. So “budbud” = “suman” and “suman” = “budbud.”

Tanjay’s budbud always come in pairs in a full (and sticky) embrace, like lovers. Be it big or small in size, the signature taste that marks it as Tanjay-made is consistent.

So when you visit the town, make sure to sample the tender, chewy, moist, and sweet budbud — and bring home some as pasalubong to complete your trip.

If properly and patiently cooked, the budbud of Tanjay will last for about a week unrefrigerated due to the antibacterial properties of the coconut oil.


Making Tanjay’s budbud is similar to budbud kabug — see recipe here. The only difference is the use of white, long-grain glutinous rice, and the fact that the final method of cooking is boiling instead of steaming.

TRIVIA: Did you know that a song was composed about this native delicacy? “Ang Budbud sa Tanjay” was composed by a certain Andrews Calumpang because he was inspired by the fondness of the Tanjayanons for their budbud. The melody is light and festive that makes you sway your hips and move your arms and shoulders to the beat — the same great feeling evoked by the budbud!

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