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Savory Seafood at Sindangan

Zamboanga del Norte

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Mar 04, 2014

After hours of traveling and exploring the twin cities of Dipolog and Dapitan in Zamboanga del Norte, a bus load of Davao media people were treated to Sindangan’s sutokil or sugba (grilled), towa or tinola (fish soup), and kil (kinilaw).

Raw fillets of fish so tender soaked in the subtle sour sauce of the kinilaw proved to be a fitting appetizer for the feast. It must have been the coconut vinegar that made it so delicious. Having tasted quite a number of kinilaw done in different ways, Sindangan's version way was a winner.


On the table were servings of large panga (jaw) grilled just right so that it was still juicy.


I had a photo with one of its schoolmates after dinner. Good thing I saw the big fish after eating, or else I wouldn't have been able to eat its schoolmate.


The adobo squid meat was tender, showing that it was done right. Overdoing the squid would have made its meat chewy.


The fish used for the tinola was so fresh, it tasted sweet; its tender meat easily separated from the bone and skin. Need I say that the soup was a delight?

Satisfying and comforting food done right is what you get in Sindangan, especially at Sea Heights Diner. Don’t let the long trip discourage you. The beautiful sunset near Manukan Bridge and the biggest cock statue in town, aptly called Manukan, will only whet your appetite for the Sindangan feast.

sindangan sindangan

Thank you, Tourism Assistant Secretary Art Boncato and Zamboanga Peninsula Tourism Regional Director Mary June Bugante for the trip and treat.

How to Get There:

Philippine Airlines flies daily from Manila to Dipolog. Cebu Pacific now flies every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from Davao. Sindangan can be reached from Dipolog by bus, jeep, van and motorized vehicles.

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