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Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | May 03, 2013

Planning on giving away sweets? Stray away from the chocolate chipped cookies and the red velvet cupcakes. This year, let’s go local and try something from our ancestors, the San Nicolas Cookies.

These perfectly molded cookies, made of Oraro (arrowroot flour), egg yolks, margarine, coconut milk and a bunch of family kept ingredients, are famously made by Lilian Borromeo of Parian, Mexico, Pampanga. She inherited the recipe from generations before her and has kept the tradition of making the delectable cookies.

What makes this particular cookie unique is the fact that they are molded in wooden templates manually. These templates are family heirlooms that were kept by Lilian to keep the tradition alive. The intricate designs on the cookies are marveled on by customers. With every San Nicolas cookies, a masterpiece is baked and it’s sometimes hard to eat it because it’s just too pretty!

The cookies are dedicated to San Nicolas, the patron saint of bakers. It was believed that in the olden days, these exact cookies were given by Spanish friars to devotees on the feast day of St. Nicolas.

Another must try creation of Lilian is the Dulce Prenda. The batter of the cookies is the same as the San Nicolas, but the surprise is in the filling. Kundol or the winter melon is sweetened to make for a delicious filling of the Dulce Prenda. The recipe just came to Manang Lilian when she had an abundant harvest of Kundol in her farm, thus the creation of this wonderful treat.

Make sure to consider the San Nicolas cookies for your Christmas giveaways and even make it a part of your Noche Buena. You are not only sharing your love, but also of tradition and beautiful masterpieces.

How to get there:

There are regular bus rides to San Fernando, Pampanga.

Once in the terminal, ride a tricycle or a jeepney to Parian, Mexico.

The ancestral home of Lilian Borromeo is within the vicinity of Parian.

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