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Bringhe: The Pinoy Paella


Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | May 03, 2013

Bringhe, which is believed to originate from the Kapampangans, is made up of glutinous rice (lacatan rice), chicken, coconut milk (gata), potatos, carrots, ginger, and turmeric powder for that mustardy aroma, distinctive color and taste!

Cooked over and covered with banana leaves, the process of cooking the bringhe brings out the sweetness of the leaves, which when mixed with the gata and lacatan, produces one of the most delectable meals the Kapampangans can offer. The turmeric powder adds to the spice and zest it exudes.

I personally love bringhe with chicken liver and topped with sliced boiled eggs. Our family’s version of the bringhe is one heirloom recipe that is passed to generations. Being a Kapampangan myself, I take pride with these small wonders of unique and delicious culinary that can release endorphins and make people happy!

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