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The House of Suman in Agusan: Pick Your Flavor!

Agusan del Norte

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Apr 15, 2014
The House of Suman in Agusan: Pick Your Flavor!

The possibilities are endless for Suman or glutinous sticky rice cake which has been a staple of Filipinos for many occasions.

Every province in the Philippines has different versions of how to cook it, what to wrap it with and the ingredients that they add to it.

The basic ingredients are glutinous rice and coconut milk which is half cooked then rolled and wrapped in banana leaves before steamed until its cooked. Before steaming, this is when the innovations or extra ingredients are inserted.


Casa de Suman in Trento, Agusan del Sur offers different suman at PhP10 each. There’s Suman de Piña, Mangga, Mani, Keso, Nangka, Monggo, Buko, Ube, Buko Pandan and of course, the original unflavored suman.


There’s more! Arrange suman (any flavor) in a plate, scoop ice cream and drizzle chocolate syrup on top and you’ve got another suman innovation!


And the suman goes so well with their hot sikwate!


Its really an endless suman flavors possibilities!

How To Get There:

From Davao City, Trento, Agusan del Sur is a 5-hour road trip from Davao City.

Buses plying the Davao to Butuan or Surigao route pass by Trento every day.

Casa de Suman is located at the Hillsview Hotel, Resort, Restaurant and Bar in Trento.

PAL and other major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.

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