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Get Warm & Get Full With Abra's Miki Soup


Pinas Muna
Pinas Muna | Jun 22, 2014
Get Warm & Get Full With Abra's Miki Soup

Abra Miki is Abra's version of a popular noodle dish made of miki noodles cooked in a flavorful broth. Like its cousin, the Ilocos Miki, Abra's version is orange in color but not as thick as that of its relative.

Abra Miki is served with a topping of pork, chicharon, and egg. Visitors to the province, specifically in the capital town of Bangued, can have a taste of the Abra Miki in one of the mikihans located at the food court area near the town plaza.


Do you miss the Abra Miki you grew up eating as merienda back home? Or are you just curious as to how it tastes? Here's great news for you. You can now have a taste of authentic Abra Miki in Metro Manila! Find out more on www.pinasmuna.com.

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