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10 Must-Eat Flavors of Cebu


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Jul 10, 2014

Taste Cebu’s native delicacies for breakfast:

1) Budbud

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Budbud Kabog.

2) Puto Maya and Sikwati

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Puto Maya and Sikwati; photo by Berniemack Arellano.

And other local delicacies such as:

3) Torta Mamon

Torta mammon; photo from pinoyrecipe.net.

4) Binangkal

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Binangkal; photo from linutoniditto.blogspot.com.

Or check out some of Cebu’s street food:

5) Ginabot

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Ginabot; photo hubpages.com.

Pack some pasalubong for your friends and family:

6) Masareal

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7) Dried Mangoes

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8) Danggit

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Danggit; photo by Dustin Mijares.

And enjoy your dinner at:

9) Larsian

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Food stalls at Larsian.

Finally, you can't go to Cebu and not think of this:

10) Lechon

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You can try making your own Cebu Lechon too. Here’s how:

Chopped lechon ready for serving.

WATCH our tastyyyyy video on how to prepare lechon Cebuano-style:

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