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Buko Batchoy? Coconut Burger? Where to Get These in the Philippines?


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Nov 18, 2014

Buko (coconut) as an ingredient for favorite Filipino main dishes like chicken binakol, or desserts like pies and salads, are no longer new to us.

But have you heard of and tasted batchoy and burger that uses buko as its main ingredient?


A quaint restaurant in Bugasong, Antique serves these dishes and has become an attraction to tourists.


The simple batchoy has become special in Antique because it's served inside a coconut shell. The familiar batchoy soup also gained a twist -- it contains coconut meat.

The coconut meat adds a unique and sweet flavor to the regular batchoy. At only Php 50, you can already enjoy this buko-batchoy treat, a signature dish of the province.


Not only that, they also serve buko burgers. Yes, the coconut meat is part of the burger.


So when you happen to find yourself in Bugasong, Antique, visit this little restaurant and treat yourself to these coco concoctions!

(All photos are taken from katahum.com, otherwise indicated.)

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