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What Did Aguinaldo, Plaridel & the Katipuneros Love to Eat?


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Choose Philippines | Nov 30, 2014

Today, November 30, we're celebrating Andres Bonifacio's birth anniversary. We may not be able to serve the Supremo his favorite meals -- unless he comes back from the dead, of course — but we can relish the same dishes that he and his colleagues craved.

1) Marcelo H. Del Pilar: Pochero

The writer better known as Plaridel was born to an Ilustrado family in Bulacan. According to his great grandchild Sylvia Santos de Pineda, he liked his ingredients placed in separate containers and not mixed together as it is commonly done.

Photo credit: chotda, via flickr

2) Don Mariano Ponce: Tempura

Ponce hails from the town of Baliwag, also in Bulacan. He was the co-founder of La Solidaridad and was selected by Emilio Aguinaldo as the Philippines' representative to the First Republic of Japan, where he met his Japanese wife Okiyo Udagawa. That explains his non-Pinoy dish of choice.

Photo credit: Daniel Go, via flickr

3) Emilio Aguinaldo: Pancit Henoy

Aguinaldo, officially recognized as the First President of the Philippines, had a favorite dish right in his balwarte of Cavite. According to Angelo Aguinaldo, the general's descendant, it's a popular pansit dish in Kawit uses mongo sprouts instead of noodles. "Pancit Henoy" was named after its creator.

4) Specialties by the Bautista Family

A respected family in Malolos — the Bautistas — used to welcome as guest no less than our national hero, Jose Rizal. His visit to the mansion was marked in time by a historical moment — convincing the Ten Gentlemen of Malolos to join the La Liga Filipina. The ancestral house also used to house the Ministry of the Interior during the First Philippine Republic.

Kesong Puti with Kilawing Bangus

Photo credit: Karla Redor, foodtrippings.com

Pork Humba

Bringheng Malolos

Photo credit: Karla Redor, foodtrippings.com

Hamonadong Sugpo of Malolos

Photo credit: Karla Redor, foodtrippings.com

SOURCE: My City, My SM, My Cuisine: A Celebration of Philippine Regional Cuisine (SM Retail Corp., 2014)

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