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CHOOSYFIND: Only in Baler: Coconut in Space


Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | May 04, 2015
CHOOSYFIND: Only in Baler: Coconut in Space

Often called the "tree of life," the coconut in its entirety is one of the most versatile and useful plants especially for an innovative country like ours. From its leaves to its roots, we have found a number of uses that the people of San Pablo, Laguna even have a week-long festival as a thanksgiving for its abundance. 

Of course, even a Filipino wordsmith — your local mambubuko in Baler — found a way to utilize it in a funny signboard:

(Photo used with permission from Rain Garcia Chua.)

Written on the sign is:

The Americans have their ASTRONAUTS.
The Russins have their COSMONAUTS.
Particular in Baler, the Philippines have their "COCONUTS."

How many uses of the coconut can you come up with? Share it with us!


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