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Why Ilocos Empanada is World's Next Big Thing

Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Jul 06, 2015
Why Ilocos Empanada is World's Next Big Thing

Filipinos love empanada and nearly every province in the Philippines has their own version. But be it deep fried or baked, filled with meat or papaya and munggo, with or without egg, one thing remains the same: empanadas are delicious, and soon enough, the whole world will know about it.

Chicken Empanada: The Perfect Picnic Baon (Chicken't Resist It!)

A survey by Thrillist asked online users from the US to vote on which new ethnic dish they think would be the next Ramen (in terms of hype and sheer popularity). Filipino (specifically Ilocos) empanada was part of the list, along with Vietnam’s Banh Mi, Korea’s Bibimbap, and China’s Bao Bun.


Do you think empanada will become popular around the world, just like ramen? How do you enjoy your favorite empanada? Share with us your thoughts and reactions!

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