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One of Laguna's Best: Adobong Palaka


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Choose Philippines | Jul 20, 2015

The rainy season means only one thing for the adventurous foodies of Bae, Laguna: frog season! 

Risking encounters with snakes, residents go out into the swamps in the dead of the night to catch frogs. Their loot can be cooked at their homes or sold to restaurants which serve exotic food.

Here are two recipes for frog meat:


Chicharon or Fried Frog

1) Separate meat from skin (optional).
2) Wash properly.
3) Salt the skin/meat.
4) Wash again.
5) Fry. 


Adobong Palaka

1) Sautee in garlic and onion.
2) Mix in the frog meat with soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, and other seasoning.


A kilo of a frog dish is priced at PhP 250.

Watch the video above for the complete recipe.


(Video from Umagang Kay Ganda.)

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