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American Site Calls Pinoy Dirty Ice Cream as 'Delicious, Strange, and Unexpected'

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Choose Philippines | Jul 31, 2015
American Site Calls Pinoy Dirty Ice Cream as 'Delicious, Strange, and Unexpected'

As a child, we can't wait to hear the sound of the bell from our suking Manong Sorbetero as soon as we come home from school. With its creamy goodness made from coconut milk, it is without a doubt that the Philippines' "dirty ice cream" has been ranked as one of the world's best desserts by popular American news website The Huffington Post (or HuffPost).

Screencap from Huffington Post 

The sorbetes is peddled by street hawkers using colorful wooden carts with large metal canisters. To lower the temperature around the canisters and keep the sorbetes frozen, the cart is stuffed with shaved ice sprinkled with salt. What's unique about the Pinoy ice cream is that it is sometimes used as stuffing for a bread bun.

Screencap from Huffington Post 

Dalia Colon of Orbitz Travel Blog writes in the HuffPost article "7 Delicious, Strange and Unexpected Ice Creams Around the World" (July 24, 2015): "The name sorbetes a.k.a. Filipino "dirty ice cream," is rather misleading. For starters, it's made from a base of coconut milk and cassava, so right off the bat it's distinct from the similarly named sorbet. Secondly, there's nothing dirty about this frozen dessert, which earned its unappetizing nickname because it's commonly peddled on street carts. The creamy treat comes in flavors like mango, ube (purple yam) and even cheese; it's served in a cone or on a bun."

(Photo from manila-photos.blogspot.com)

The other featured treats are India's kulfi, Ecuador's helado de paila (kettle ice cream), Mexico's paletas, Greece' olive oil cream, Japan's novel ice cream flavors like eel and soy sauce, and Italy's gelato.


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