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Bohol Culinary Adventures: 10 Gastronomical Treats for You!


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Aug 05, 2015

Here's a list of what to eat in Bohol. Let’s start with the refreshing drinks: 

1. Hot Chocolate

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

Start your day drinking a Bol-anon’s hot bittersweet chocolate. It is made with locally sourced cacao from Jagna, Bohol. Jagna is known for producing the best tablea in the country.

2. Peanut Kisses Shake

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

If you want something cold, try the peanut kisses shake. It is a perfect drink for a hot and humid day.

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Now, with some veggies…

3. Steamed Vegetables

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

If you’re calorie conscious, you can have steamed vegetables with a dash of sesame.


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4. Ceasar Salad

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

Ceasar salad will do the trick if you can’t get enough of the steamed vegetables.


For our lunch suggestions…

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5. Lengua Estofado

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

Slowly cooked and perfectly seasoned, you must try this fork tender ox tongue.

6. Chorizo de Bohol

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

One of the best ways to savor the flavors of Bohol is to try Boholano's version of chorizo. Chorizo de Bohol is somewhat related to the well known chorizo de Cebu. It is a little bit sweet and with a hint of garlic. Best paired with fried rice and egg!

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7. Spring Rolls

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

If you want some variety of flavor, Goi Coun or Vietnamese spring rolls is also good!


For snacks…

8. Cottage Pie

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

If you got a big appetite, try the cottage pie.

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9. Sandwiches

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

The picture says it all! Yum!

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10. Fresh Fruits

photo by Enrico Dee | byahilo.com

And of course, fresh fruits! Have some peaches, lychee and watermelon.


Now who says you can’t have good food in Bohol?

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This list is just a suggestion of the food that you might want to try in the province of Bohol. If you have your personal list of favorites that you tasted in Bohol, send it to us and we’ll include it in our list!

(Thank you to Enrico Dee of Byahilo.com for the photos and sharing the great food of Bohol.)


How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Tagbilaran (estimated cost of Php4200++, round trip, 1 hour 15 minutes).

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