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Is Davao the Next Top Producer of Cacao in the Philippines?

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 04, 2015
Is Davao the Next Top Producer of Cacao in the Philippines?

Cacao derived its name from two Greek words theo and broma—roughly translated as “food of the gods.” 

In the Philippines, the Department of Agriculture is eyeing Davao Region as the cacao hub in the country with 6,000 hectares planted to cacao.

Visitors of Rosit Cacao Farm in Baguio, Davao City are given the chance to learn how to cultivate cacao beans and how to make chocolate. 

Cocoa trees bear fruits in 4-5 years. A cocoa fruit can have as much as 30 seeds-- which are then dried, roasted, grounded, and formed into tablea. 

The tablea is then melted to turn it into chocolate bars and drinks. Learn how the beans are processed in these photos:

1. Cacao pods are harvested and broken in half.

2. The thin layer coating the seeds is eaten or if not, directly sun dried.

3. After drying, it is roasted to separate the seed covering to expose the flesh.

4. The seeds are then grounded.

5.  Then it is formed into tablets.

6. Tablets are then dried to solidify them.

Now that you have seen the process, why not make a cup of hot cocoa. 

Davao City offers a tour wherein visitors will get to explore one of the cacao farms and, at the same time, get a taste of the tablea.

Puto maya, a rice delicacy perfectly cooked in Bangkerohan public market, is the partner for tablea. 

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