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Is Davao the Healthiest City in the Philippines?

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 13, 2015
Is Davao the Healthiest City in the Philippines?

Wynward Valley, a 360-square meter garden in the middle of the city, has variety of greens that can be harvested from its soil. 

Vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, squash, pechay, eggplant, okra, and different herbs are being grown in the Wynward Valley.  At first, people were skeptical as to whether Wynward’s environment is ideal for yielding quality vegetables. But with each harvest, owner Rodelio Dalisay proved all the skeptics wrong. 

Wynward Valley produced a bountiful harvest which Rodelio sold to Davaoeños. As the garden gained popularity, his relatives and friends urged him to cook and serve meals using organic vegetables that his garden produces. 

Here are some of the dishes in their menu: 

  1. Appetizer of nachos and mixed vegetables
  2. Chicken with pesto pasta
  3. Pan-seared salmon with mangoes over black rice
  4. Mongolian beef
  5. Turkey burger with cran mayo dressing
  6. Chicken fajita
  7. Ice cream made from guyabano, malunggay and blue ternate

Davao City’s 2,444 square-kilometer land area is divided into trade, commerce, industrial, agricultural, and residential. Vegetable farms in the mountainsides are found in the outskirts of the city. 


Davao is dubbed as the Fruit Basket of the Philippines and it is no wonder if, in the long run, the city will be the top producer of organic vegetables in the country. 

When in the city, you can also try Balik Bukid and satisfy your hungry stomachs without having to worry about ruining your diet. 

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