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Why Davao's Durian is the King of Fruits in the Philippines

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 16, 2015
Why Davao's Durian is the King of Fruits in the Philippines

Durian is known to be one of Davao's signature fruits, along with others produced in the city.  In 2014, Davao produced 500 metric tons of the spiky fruits on 3,000 hectares of land.  

Did you know that durian became abundant in the land because of fruit bats in the islands of Samal and Talicud? At night, the bats fly to farms in Calinan, Toril and Baguio hence the pollination of durian flowers.

Through time, Davao has come up with products and delicacies with durian as main ingredient: coffee, durian cheesecake, ice cream, tarts, and candies. 

The city's newest offering is the Durian Kape Maka sa Latik which is best partnered with pudding made also from durian meat and Talisay nuts. 

Talisay (Terminalia cattapa) or Indian almond tree bears red fruits which turn into yellow when ripe. The pulp is then pounded or stripped to get the white nut inside. 

The latik, an added ingredient to the pudding, is a mix of coconut milk, muscovado sugar, banana extract, mint leaves, and butter.

With all the tasty ingredients used to prepare the pudding, it will definitely make you want to eat durian more in a delightful way! 

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