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Linagpang: The Traditional Soup Dish from Iloilo's Little Baguio


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Dec 09, 2015

They say, your trip to Leon, Iloilo won’t be complete if you haven’t tasted their famous soup dish called "linagpang nga manok.” Linagpang is a traditional soup dish that originated in the Western Visayas Region. 

Leon, Iloilo is known as the vegetable basket of the province due to the vast supply of different vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and eggplants to name a few. Leon is located in the southwestern portion of the province about 28 kilometers away from Iloilo City.

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Linagpang means to roast or barbecue which is why th roughly translates to “barbecued chicken” soup.

To welcome the guests upon their arrival in Leon, Iloilo, the linugpang is served to them during meal time. A native of Leon has shared to us her simple recipe that she has been making for more than 20 years already.

Linagpang Nga Manok


  • native chicken
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • spring onions
  • coconut milk
  • seasoning (salt, pepper, etc.)
  • sugar (optional)


  • Grill the chicken, tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger.

  • When the chicken is already cooked, chop it according to your preffered serving.
  • Slice the grilled vegetables and set aside.
  • On a pot, boil water (optional: and coconut milk).

  • Add the chopped chicken and sliced vegetables. Add salt and pepper if needed. To make it sweeter, you can add a little bit of sugar. Let it boil for another 5-10 minutes.
  • Before serving, garnish with spring onions.

Why Leon’s linagpang nga manok is a must-try? It is because they use native chicken instead of the 45-day old chicken. They say that you’ll find the flavors of linagpang when using native chicken because it is more savory and is also healthier than other chickens. The purpose of grilling is for you to taste the smoky flavor of linagpang. 

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How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Iloilo (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, one hour). You can also opt for a bus trip (estimated cost of Php875++ per head, air-conditioned bus and boat fare, 17 hours plus).

Leon is a 40-minute drive by private car passing through Mandurriao and San Miguel. From Iloilo City, you can ride a jeepney going to Leon. You can also hire a van or air-conditioned taxis at reasonable rates. From Jaro, Iloilo, ride a jeepney marked with “Leon” going to Leon Town Plaza.

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