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Chili ice cream & other quirky flavors from Legazpi

Owen Ballesteros
Owen Ballesteros | Jul 18, 2013

What do chili, tinutong, pili, malunggay, and calamansi have in common? In a cafe in Legazpi City, they happen to be ice cream flavors.

Easily the quirkiest of them all, the hot pink chili ice cream is 1st Colonial Grill's bestseller. The first spoonful is always the one worth looking out for: it takes a few seconds before the strong spicy flavor kicks in. These quirky ice cream flavors are from P60 to P79 per cup.

Other notable cold concoctions in Bicol are the chili-laced buko shakes sold at Cagsawa Ruins for P65 and the DJC Halo Halo (P85 for a Supreme Halo Halo serving).

Find out more about these local flavors at: http://www.two2travel.com/2013/05/hot-chili-other-things-in-bicol.html

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