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Pinoy Expert Eater: The Unique & Delicious Flavors of Filipino Food, In The Spotlight Once More!

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Choose Philippines | Jul 13, 2016
Pinoy Expert Eater: The Unique & Delicious Flavors of Filipino Food, In The Spotlight Once More!

It’s been said that Filipino cuisine is synonymous to comfort food, and with all its influences, blending both Western and Eastern ideals and philosophies when it comes to taste and preparation, many are quick to agree to this notion. And now, because of innovations in online technology, with Food Panda at the helm, getting a taste of your favorite Pinoy comfort food is just a click away. Recently, the food delivery giant collaborated with Discover MNL to bring bloggers and online influencers a taste of authentic Filipino flavors, but set in the modern world.

Of course, being all about things Filipino, we jumped at the opportunity to feature our local flavors in a favorable light, and maybe encourage more Pinoys and Pinoy-wannabes to love and appreciate food that is readily available in the Philippines, including, but not limited to:


This particular Paella Valenciana is the brainchild of the expert culinary artists of Lorenzo's Way, and is truly a unique blend of Spanish and Filipino ideals. Traditionally, Spanish Paella are served with little to no toppings, with the main ingredients being chicken and rabbit, as well as any vegetable that may be available at the time and place. However, when it came to the Philippines, we used it as an excuse to celebrate, using it as the centerpiece of our opulent fiestas: with toppings as colorful and bountiful as the people of the Philippines are, the Paella is a great example of a Spanish cuisine "Filipinized" by our inventive and innovative kababayan.


Chorizo (and all its variants across the Philippines)

Another Spanish invention, the chorizo (or longganisa in some parts of the country) is any cured meat in patty- or sausage form. It was a great way to preserve food before the invention of refrigeration, and was integral to the culture of many Filipinos. And like any true "Filipinized" food, the chorizo or longganisa perfectly reflects the region it was made in: with Vigan having a garlicky taste to reflect the bountiful garlic in the region, and Pampanga having a sweeter taste to reflect how much the Kapampangan love sugar. This chorizo in particular, from Restaurante Pia Y Damaso, closely mimic the traditional chorizo of Spain, but served on top of a traditional Pan de Sal, a sandwich Jose Rizal would have definitely been proud of.


Strawberries (and everything you can possibly with this popular Baguio fruit)

Of course, to round out any meal, we'd need to have good dessert, and for many generations, strawberries have been a popular choice. Though the fruit didn't originate in the country, when it was brought here and cultivated in the cool mountain land of Baguio, it immediately became a hit with many Filipinos, putting it in desserts, drinks, and even savory breakfast dishes like taho and salads. However, for many of us, strawberries will always be a sweet and sour dessert, best paired with cake and coffee.

These are but a few examples of the ingenuity of Filipinos when it comes to food, presented by Lorenzo's Way, Fely J's Kitchen, and Restaurante Pia Y Damaso, with the assistance of Food Panda and Discover MNL. Of course, Filipino cuisine and food tradition is more than just these three items; in fact, every region in the country has its own specialty, making every dish unique in every sense. In the end, it all boils down to a matter of taste or preference.

Do you have a favorite Pinoy food you’ll never get tired of? Tell us about it!

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