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International Site: Favorite Filipino Dessert is the Newest Macha

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Choose Philippines | Aug 01, 2016

Last year (and perhaps a few months even before that), the worldwide food scene was extremely fascinated with the green-tinged and earthy flavors of Japanese matcha, a flavor of tea popular in Japan and often reserved for tea ceremonies. However, it soon found itself under the watchful and creative eyes of Western chefs, and suddenly, everything from coffee baristas to cake bakers were infusing matcha into their creations, furthering the popularity of this earthy, delicious powder.

Of course, with all of their #FoodPorn posts, food bloggers were the first to notice this trend, and the first to report and ride on it. But as predicted, the trend is starting to die down, and will soon be replaced by something that Filipinos have loved for so long already.

In an article published by the Elite Daily, they reported that ube will soon be making waves in the numerous food scenes worldwide, starting first in America. As early as now, Americans are starting to experiment with our favorite purple root crop, making delicious dishes like cake. 

Screecap from Elite Daily

Of course, being true purple-blooded Filipinos, this taste is something we’ve come to know and love ever since our youngest days, so for us, there’s nothing new about this news. However, to try this particularly mouth-watering ube donut? That could definitely be a new experience, indeed!

It just goes to show that anything Filipino, from talent to food, truly deserves a spot on the international stage!

So, how much are you excited to try these newfangled ube creations in the coming future? Tell us about it!

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