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Have You Heard Of Tagnipis? Taste Zamboanga Sibugay's New Favorite Shellfish

Zamboanga Sibugay

Ulysses John Almocera
Ulysses John Almocera | Aug 16, 2017

Zamboanga Sibugay, a young agro-fishery province located at the heart of Zamboanga Peninsula, is abundant with seafood. Almost all of its 16 municipalities have coastlines and the bounty of the sea is heaven for foodies. 

Tagnipis with sinamak na suka. 

Name it: kingcrabs, clams, oysters, gigantic prawns, fish and lobsters, we have it here in our province! Oysters used to have the spot light for shellfish but because of its labor intensive preparation, people looked for an alternative that was easier to consume. The rocky surface of oysters makes it hard to remove the mud and longer to cook. The tagnipis, a flat scallop-like shell became the more convenient alternative. Easier to prepare and faster to cook because of its thinner shell, tagnipis can be enjoyed by the buckets! It easily won the hearts (and stomachs) of seashell lovers! It is best enjoyed steamed or grilled and dipped in sinamak na suka with calamansi! I went home during the Holy Week break and I had the insatiable craving for tagnipis!

Tagnipis at 40.00 pesos.

Family Grill, located at Row D, Ipil, Commercial Complex opened last Black Saturday and served tagnipis, crabs, liempo, grilled fish and other home cooked meals! Served at 40.00 pesos per tray, the tagnipis can be shared by two to three persons. Crablets a la pobre are also available at 20.00 per serving of four! But there's more, a big slice of barbecue pork liempo with two cups of rice can be enjoyed at 85.00 pesos. 

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Steamed crablets at 20.00 pesos per four pieces.

An entire family of five can be fed with less than 300.00 with their home cooked menu. Ipil is accessible from Zamboanga City, Dipolog City and Pagadian City. It's the center of the peninsula and is less than three hours from the three major cities. The location of Ipil is a perfect stop over for meals when driving from one city to another. Family Grill is perfect for a gastronomic stop over!

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Paksiw na isda.
Native Chicken Tinola. 

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