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All The Flavor, None Of The Guilt: Enjoy Negros Occidental's Unique Vegan Batchoy

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Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Jul 03, 2017
All The Flavor, None Of The Guilt: Enjoy Negros Occidental's Unique Vegan Batchoy

When we speak of batchoy, we automatically think of the La Paz batchoy of Iloilo: a delicious concoction of pork, pig innards, noodles, and spice, all brought together into one delectably piping hot soup, perfect for warming up cold, rainy days.

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However, Filipinos are becoming more and more health conscious, and all that pork, though delicious, may not always be the healthies or most humane option. Enter, vegans: persons who do not eat food containing animal products.

This noodle soup is not your typical batchoy that is made with pork innards such as intestines and liver topped with pork cracklings. Instead, the vegan batchoy uses numerous healthy substitutes for its ingredients. The noodles are made of malunggay and squash. Instead of pork, it uses mushrooms and the pork cracklings are replaced with tofu!

For the broth, it is extracted from boiled vegetables. The soup has no taste enhancers too!

For those interested in tasting the vegan batchoy in Bacolod City, visit Vedge Health Hub.

(Vegan batchoy photos courtesy of Romeo Subaldo, ABS-CBN Bacolod)

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