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Puto Maya and Sikwati: Breakfast Power Combo of Cebu


Berniemack Arelláno
Berniemack Arelláno | Aug 24, 2013
Puto Maya and Sikwati: Breakfast Power Combo of Cebu

Puto Maya is a sweet, sticky rice cake made with, of course, rice, coconut milk, sugar, salt, and some ginger juice to add up its mellow spicy aftertaste. This is then wrapped triangularly with banana leaves. It is best served while it is hot!

Sikwati, on the other hand, is simply hot cacao drink. Bittersweet and not thick, sikwati is best partnered with puto maya.

In some cases, especially during summer, mangoes are paired with these two power combi as well--now it is quite similar to the usual suman and hot chocolate up north.

The best part is, it's affordable too! P5 for one puto and P5 for a sikwati...mostly sold in sidewalks, market places and street peddlers across Cebu.

To read more about Puto Maya and Sikwati, click here.

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