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Tuna Medley

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Aug 28, 2013
Tuna Medley

General Santos City is considered to be the Philippines’ Tuna capital. Its high-grade Tuna fish is known all over the world for its taste.

Every September, during General Santos City’s Tuna Festival, a tuna float parade of signals the opening of the festival together streetdancing and sashimi nights.

Tuna is prepared in different styles and in the most sumptuous ways. Appetizer would be the freshest Tuna made into Kinilaw. Purists would go for the Grilled Tuna Belly and Panga (Jaw) with lots of garlic. Seafood soup is not complete without the tuna chunks. Fish Roe is made into adobo.

Almost all food establishments have their way of preparing the tuna. However way it is prepared and cooked, GenSan’s Tuna is simply delicious.

How To Get There: General Santos City can be reached by air from Manila and Cebu daily through the country’s major airlines. PAL flies daily to GenSan. Travel time is 2 hours 15 minutes.

It is a 3-hour land trip from Davao City with buses and vans plying the route hourly.


Tuna Festival

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