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Food Experts: Lumpia, Sisig, Longganisa, Kare-Kare And Ube, To Shine In 2018

Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Jan 08, 2018
Food Experts: Lumpia, Sisig, Longganisa, Kare-Kare And Ube, To Shine In 2018

Filipinos love food, and I am more than willing to fight for that opinion.

This deeply-entrenched infatuation with cuisine perhaps stems from the country’s rich love affair with international flavors and tastes, being a colony of several nations before declaring independence a few decades past. This would essentially suggest that we, as a people, have come to learn to love different kinds of food, and are more than vocal about it.

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In fact, for several years now, much of our cuisine has been in the spotlight, partly because of the increase in foreign travelers to our lands, as well as Filipinos abroad becoming more confident in showcasing their food to their friends. Also, in fact, for 2018, New York-based consultancy group Baum + Whiteman has declared that Filipino food will be the next new trend for this new year.

The group released a report last November 2017 declaring the food trends that will take over 2018, such as vegan and plant-based dishes, Indian casual street food, high-end Korean cuisine, and of course, Filipino food. The group predicts that the big wave in Filipino dining will happen in the bigger Pinoy communities like New York, Los Angeles, and Florida. We’ve already seen traces of it, but this coming 2018, it’s going to be a full-fledged Filipino food foray!

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For us locals, we’ve always known how wonderful Filipino food is. However, now, everyone will be in on the fun!

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