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Food Worthy of The Lord of the Rings Errr, Ribs

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Sep 17, 2018
Food Worthy of The Lord of the Rings Errr, Ribs
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If you are familiar with J.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the elves prepared a special travel food called Lembras to the Fellowship of the Ring.  It is to be eaten sparingly and only at need. 

But with the Lord of the Ribs (pun intended), you cannot help but defy the “eat just a little” order but devour what is served.

The store’s interior is inviting and all around the walls are pictures of what is offered--- tantalizing you to order as your eyes tell you.   

You start with the Gambasoy--- shrimps cooked just right that the meat stays tender and sizzling in a bed of lemon, butter, and garlic, garnished with parsley. 

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The sizzling gets to you and the aroma that wafts from it makes it a good appetizer for the other delights to come like the Dynamite Rolls. 

Dynamite Rolls or Dynamite Lumpia are wrapped ground pork with chili peppers that give you that bite yet not overwhelmingly so.  It borders on hot and spicy bombs yet just gives the right kick.  The cheese stabilizes the spiciness.

The gambasoy and the dynamite rolls really opens up the taste buds for the meaty goodness of your main dishes.

First meaty dish is the Pocherito.  You know that Pochero’s comforting taste and feel?  This time, you get the taste of pochero minus the tomato sauce, plus fork tender meat, bone marrow that adds more flavor, poured with mushroom gravy, and garnished with parsley.

All those flavors blend together in a sizzling plate that beckons to be savored.  You cannot help but dig in.

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But leave some room for the star of the menu which is undoubtedly the rack of ribs that is tender, meaty, saucy, and “nuot sa buto” goodness. The ribs are medium-sized but the meat that encompasses it is more than sufficient to make your mouth water with its smoked yet roasted flavor.

You get a taste of the Worcestershire sauce and sugar when you bite into the meat.  Yes, use your fingers and lick on them.  It is that good.

Did I mention you get a cup of rice with the ribs?  Go easy…

They do have Peri-Peri chicken just in case you are wondering.  I just did not order it as I am allergic to poultry.  I guess the chicken dishes are as flavorful as the pork and beef dishes.

Oh they also have salmon.

I am salivating.  Better stop writing now.

Next time you are in Davao, do drop by the LOTR. 

Price range: PhP118-299.

How to get there  
Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.  Travel time from Manila is an hour and 50 minutes while it would only take 50 minutes from Cebu.
Lord of the Ribs is located at Bricklane, Obrero, Davao City, just 20-30 minutes from the Bangoy International Airport.

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