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Would You Eat Kanin Baboy?

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Dec 20, 2018
Would You Eat Kanin Baboy?
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Back in 2014, I did a feature of Hoy, Panga a Davao-based tuna and other grilled goodies food shop.  Its name is intentionally catchy and proved to be very effective that it later branched out in Quezon City and even Boracay.

Now the guys behind Hoy, Panga has yet again over bottles of beer, came up with… Kanin Baboy. (Correction… Nicky Sering, one of the guys said they were completely sober when they thought of Kanin Baboy.) It is not what you would feed pigs but if you mix everything on your plate, you would have something that looks like, yes, pig food.

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On your plate are slices of lechon belly, a skewer of pork barbecue, spice paste, chopped beans or gising-gising, and a cup of rice.

Let us sift through the hodge podge: The lechon belly has crispy skin, not so salty tender meat.  The pork barbecue is grilled right to leave the meat tender and retaining the smoky taste.  The beans are rightly chopped to enable each spice to blend in with the beans, and to bring much flavor and hotness to the whole mix is the spice paste specially made by the beer guys.

It resembles that of the sambal of Indonesia but this one is not too spicy to overpower all the other ingredients in the mix but instead blends well with all the meat and even your rice.

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Those who are not into spicy food, go easy on the spice paste and gising-gising.  The lechon roll and the pork barbecue are delicious as they are so you can leave out the spice.

Expect to enjoy your meal like a pig but elbows off the table! 

Kanin Baboy sells at PhP250.

How to get there:


  • Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Travel time is an hour and 50 minutes from Manila and 50 minutes from Cebu.
  • Taxi flag down rate is PhP40 and Jeepney fare starts at PhP8.
  • Kanin Baboy is at Buhangin near Ladislawa Gate. 
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