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Old Fashioned Coffee The Ilonggo Way? Yes, Please!


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Choose Philippines | Aug 14, 2019

You can never go wrong with coffee especially in this cold weather but enjoying it with an ambiance from the past is more interesting! Madge Café in Iloilo will bring you to the old times while having a cup of your Kapeng Barako.

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Started in the year 1940 by the couple Vicente and Magdalena, Madge Café is in the history of Iloilo by bringing authentic coffee to the Ilonggos to this day. Unlike commercialized coffee shops with espresso machines, brewing at Madge is prepared by using a culador (flannel sieve). They use beans locally produced in northern Iloilo and from the province of Guimaras.

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Located inside the La Paz Public Market, its humble location and  is what makes Madge extraordinary: a non-air conditioned area with long tables and plastic chairs. There is no airconditioning, no no high tech cash registry, just a down to earth ambiance to enjoy a steaming hot mug of great coffee. To add to a more intimate experience, personalized mugs of their regular customers line their shelves. Sometimes, it’s nice to bring back the past when everything was simpler and this is what Madge Café has to offer.

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Article and photos by Lory Joyce Andagan


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