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For A Unique Version Of Noodle Soup, Try Albay's Buko Mami


Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Aug 22, 2019

Story and photos by Jose Carretero

Almost three kilometers away from the most active volcano in the Philippines, Mayon Volcano, lies one of Albay's tourist destinations: the Mayon Planetarium and Science Park in barangay Buang Tabaco City, almost an hour travel from Legazpi City, with another half an hour travel heading to Mayon Planetarium and Science Park.

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With an altitude of 2700 feet, the place is one of the favorite destinations during summer, popular with tourists looking for the cool ambiance of Baguio or Tagaytay. Beyond the scenic views of the place and its chilly atmosphere, the area also draw lots of tourists during the rainy season who come for a taste of the Buko Mami served in the area, an Albayanon rendition of the popular Filipino dish that uses grated coconut strips and coconut juice to add another layer of depth to the broth. It is further enhanced by the heat of chile paste locally produced in the area, a reflection of Albayanos love of spice. A serving of Buko Mami costs Php 85 only, a cheap yet satisfying treat best enjoyed with the cold weather of the Planetarium area. 

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