Durian Bibingka

What’s the newest twist to your favorite Bibingka? Durian Bibingka!

Bibingka is usually made from rice flour and coconut milk or water. It is then poured on a container lined with banana leaves and cooked. The traditional way of cooking it is with coals both on the bottom and on top of the container.

The bibingka’s texture is softy and spongy and smells of cooked banana leaves. If cooked in the traditional way, it would also have a slightly burned bottom and top.

It is then topped with cheese, salted eggs, butter/margarine and grated coconut. Recent additions to the topping and to the mixture have been ube, buko strips, pinipig, langka (jackfruit) and pineapple.

Then comes, Durian Bibingka!

The plain Durian Bibingka is also made from ground rice and coconut milk and then added with durian meat. It is also cooked the traditional way.

The special Durian Bibingka will have a doll-up of Durian Jam and a cherry on top. This would make your bibingka more “duriany”.

So when you get a craving for Durian Bibingka, head out to TinDabaw along Bacaca Road, Davao City.

Plain Durian Bibingka goes for PhP12 while the special Durian Bibingka goes for PhP20.

How To Get There:

From Manila, Davao City is an hour and 40 minutes by plane and 3 days and 2 nights by land and sea. PAL flies daily to Davao City. TinDabaw along Bacaca Road is just 15 minutes ride by taxi from the airport or from any point from downtown Davao. Taxi Flag down rate is Php40.

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